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Integrated reference

Postby ender45 » Mon Oct 11, 2010 1:13 am

I'm new to both TexShop and LaTeX, however I have a significant amount of programming experience. What would be really helpful for me would be if TeXShop had an integrated command reference feature, kind of like that present in XCode or Matlab. This way, for example, if I see a command an unfamiliar command, I could just right-click on it and get integrated help. Does anybody know if such a feature or addon exists?

If not, is there any official documentation of TeX commands available? I have spent quite a while searching through my full MacTex distribution and also on the web. I've found several sites, but I'm hoping to come across something that is known to be official and up to date.

Thanks! :-D
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Re: Integrated reference

Postby Herbert Schulz » Mon Oct 11, 2010 1:47 pm


Part of the problem is that there are thousands of extra packages for LaTeX (I assume that is the ``dialect'' of TeX you are using) and each has its own commands so there is no way to have a single integrated source of information. So, no, TeXShop doesn't have this feature. It is possible to get information about a particular package, if it exists in the TeX Live distribution obtained with MacTeX, by looking under Help->Show Help for Package…, entering the name of the package and pressing return.

If you are trying to learn LaTeX, especially if you do maths, take a look at Help->George Grätzer's Short Course for an introduction to LaTeX. There is no quick way to learn but I feel that it's all worth it in the end.
Good Luck,
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