Add the Karnaugh package

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Add the Karnaugh package

Postby Pat_86 » Thu Apr 12, 2012 8:15 pm

I got a problem.
I want to add Karnaugh maps in my repport, but I have to add the Karnaugh package.
In the internet I found this pack: ... /karnaugh/

But I am to stupid to install this package.
I am using the full installation of Texshop.

Best Regads
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Re: Add the Karnaugh package

Postby Herbert Schulz » Thu Apr 12, 2012 11:21 pm


This really has nothing to do with TeXShop but rather your TeX Distribution.

Assuming you have a fully updated TeX Live 2011 (installed by MacTeX and updated with TeX Live Utility) the kvmacros are already there so you have nothing to install. In Terminal run the command

Code: Select all
texdoc kvmacros

and you'll get the documentation.

You should join the Mac OS X TeX e-mail list for things like this. More information is available in the message near the top of this forum.
Good Luck,
Herb Schulz
Herbert Schulz
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