[OS X Emacs] Crashing

Hank Stevens HStevens at MUOhio.edu
Wed Jan 2 12:34:29 EST 2008

Hi David,
I have been having a problem on both my PowerPC and brand new MacPro.
   Model Name:	Mac Pro
   Model Identifier:	MacPro1,1
   Processor Name:	Dual-Core Intel Xeon
   Processor Speed:	3 GHz
   Number Of Processors:	2
   Total Number Of Cores:	4
   L2 Cache (per processor):	4 MB
   Memory:	3 GB
   Bus Speed:	1.33 GHz
   Boot ROM Version:	MP11.005D.B00
   SMC Version:	1.7f10
   Serial Number:	G87500R90GP

I seem to get crashes whenever I ask Aquamacs to move quickly  around  
the buffer.
Here is what the Console.app reported on my MacPro.

1/2/08 12:31:16 PM com.apple.launchd[71]  
([0x0-0x2b02b].org.gnu.AquamacsEmacs[380]) Exited abnormally:  
Segmentation fault

Should I try the nightly build?



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