[OS X Emacs] Re: Emacs.app 9.0-rc3 released

Rodney Sparapani rsparapa at mcw.edu
Thu Jan 10 15:29:27 EST 2008

Adrian Robert wrote:
> Emacs.app version 9.0-rc3 is released, bringing the multi-TTY merge
> from the emacs core (unicode-2 branch), and a number of bug fixes and
> minor enhancements:
> Bug fixes: fringe and bitmap, frame deletion, resizing, cursor blink,
> workspace open-file, image backgrounds, toolbar item enablement,
> context menu positioning.
> Features: support 10.5, give site-lisp load precedence over lisp and
> add a compile option to prefer an additional directory, use
> miniaturized miniwindow images in some cases, rename cursor types for
> consistency w/other emacs terms, improved font selection for symbol
> scripts.
> This release owes thanks to Peter Dyballa and Yamamoto Mitsuharu.  PPC
> binaries courtesy of the Aquamacs server.
> This release was not tested under GNUstep and may not work.  If you
> have a GNUstep setup and would be willing to test, let me know.
> Source and binaries:
> http://emacs-app.sf.net/
> If you compile yourself, please use the 'compile' script in nextstep.
> This now supports adding a prepended path for lisp loading:
> ./compile --enable-local-lisp-path=PATH <e.g., /Library/Preferences/Emacs>
> Remaining problems and plans:
> The multi-TTY functionality is not complete: mixed GUI and TTY
> sessions do not work.  Some tweaking to event-handling will be needed,
> but this may be easier once the multi-TTY support in the core matures.
>  We will aim for completion by 9.0.
> The way looks clear for the port to go into GNU Emacs CVS some time
> after 22.2 is released and the unicode-2 branch is merged to the
> trunk.  After that time the SourceForge site will continue to house
> snapshot releases and binaries, and serve as a coordination point for
> development work.
> cheers,
> Adrian
> _____________________________________________________________

Hi Adrian:

Great work!  I re-discovered one bug and then I found the solution.  See

The short version is wheel mouse and 2-finger scrolling don't work. 
However, the solution is simple:
;; Enable wheelmouse support by default
(require 'mwheel)

;;Define the mouse scroll wheel
(defun up-slightly () (interactive) (scroll-up 5))
(defun down-slightly () (interactive) (scroll-down 5))
(global-set-key [mouse-4] 'down-slightly)
(global-set-key [mouse-5] 'up-slightly)

;;Support for scrolling Griffin powermate
(global-set-key [wheel-down] 'up-slightly)
(global-set-key [wheel-up] 'down-slightly)
(global-set-key [double-wheel-down] 'up-slightly)
(global-set-key [double-wheel-up] 'down-slightly)
(global-set-key [triple-wheel-down] 'up-slightly)
(global-set-key [triple-wheel-up] 'down-slightly)

This is courtesy of
where other interesting nuggets most likely can be found.


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