[OS X Emacs] Re: diff -a?

Rodney Sparapani rsparapa at mcw.edu
Tue Jan 15 14:37:00 EST 2008

Peter Dyballa wrote:
> Am 15.01.2008 um 17:17 schrieb Rodney Sparapani:
>> So, I'm wondering if this should just be the default on OS X.
> No. I want to be warned. And I can handle the tools from the Tools menu. 
> Besides, I can't imagine text files that might be mis-interpreted as 
> binary files. Can you specify your "binary" text file?
> -- 
> Greetings
>   Pete

I think your opinion is wrong, but I asked for it :o)

 From a Terminal zsh:
prompt% set > set1.txt

 From an Emacs shell buffer zsh:
prompt% set > set2.txt

prompt% diff set1.txt set2.txt

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