[OS X Emacs] %^M in Mac-produced .tex file

David Romano romanod at math.grinnell.edu
Wed Jan 16 14:44:49 EST 2008

A colleague sent me a  collection of files (produced in a Mac 
environment) that make up a book he's writing, but I can't get my tex 
setup to produce the right output.  I'm not exaclty sure where to begin, 
but I'll try with this:  I'm on a linux machine reading his source file
for the first chapter in Emacs, and I find the entire file is in one line, 
littered with %^M and ^M throughout.  This is very difficult to navigate, 
and so -- assuming  that these characters must be some kind of end of line 
characters from the Mac-- I removed one and created a newline, but then 
TeX balked, claiming a $ was missing somewhere.

If I simply remove the ^M without introducing a newline, then all is well, 
but the file is still humanly unreadable.  I'm loath to include any 
snippets of the file since I don't know if I'll include the right one, but 
if anyone has any insight into what is going on, it would be much 

David Romano

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