[OS X Emacs] NeXT emacs sets $DISPLAY

xah lee xah at xahlee.org
Sat Jan 19 01:54:00 EST 2008

the NeXT Emacs seems to have quite a few problems that's frustrating.

The problem is that when i run a shell comman for povray file, e.g.
/usr/local/bin/povray mypov.pov

it runs fine in Carbon emacs but in NeXT emacs it says
“File Init Error:  The display 'xahg5.local' is not a valid display,  
or you do
  not have permission to open a window there.

after 20 minutes of puzzling on this (among hours of elisping and  
trying to learn/fix/debug/test etc), it turns out it sets my shell  
$DISPLAY to "xahg5.local".

Why is it setting my display?


another thing i think is a bug in general emacs is that, if you open  
a png file in buffer, then run povray to generate a new file with the  
same name, the revert-buffer doesn't work. I haven't find out exactly  
what's the problem.

   xah at xahlee.orghttp://xahlee.org/

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