[OS X Emacs] Migration from TeXShop to Aquamacs Emacs

Karim Barkati kbmail at free.fr
Tue Jul 1 07:22:20 EDT 2008


I've been choosing to migrate for many good reasons you know, I find Aquamacs
Emacs simply great ! :-D
I noticed AE doesn't seem to recognize mac-roman encoding, which is the default
encoding of TeXShop. I have to select 'Options -> Language -> Set Coding Systems
-> For Reverting This File Now', and then type 'mac-roman' to get rid of all
annoying '\216'-like sequences (AE finally prints 'M' in its bar), even when I
reopen the same file! I know there's the 'C-x RET r' shortcut, but I still have
to type 'mac-roman' for each file...

I looked for another solution: convert every file in utf8 (with iconv), and that
works (AE automaticaly displays 'u' in its bar, no '\216'-like sequences but the
right caracters are displayed). I will keep this solution if there's no way to
recognize mac-roman encoding for AE.

I think there are many potential switchers, because TeXShop comes with the
TeXLive distribution and is very easy to use on macs but extremly limited
compared to AE...

Is there a way I didn't notice?
Or should I to convert all my TeXShop files?


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