[OS X Emacs] ispell with LaTeX (Error in post-command-hook)

geoffrey.ferrari at googlemail.com geoffrey.ferrari at googlemail.com
Fri Jun 6 19:03:51 EDT 2008


I have a problem using ispell on latex files under Aquamacs 1.3b on Leopard. When I try to run ispell using flyspell I get the following error message:

Error in post-command-hook: (error Process ispell not running)

Flyspell/ispell work fine for text files, but they hang with the above error on latex files. I've temporarily removed any customizations so it must be a problem with the default installation.

In case it's relevant, I have both ispell and aspell installed using macports. I get the same error whether I use ispell.el with ispell or with aspell (by setting the variable ispell-program-name to "aspell").

I also use the macports version of carbon emacs, and the same problem occurs there.

With thanks for any suggestions,

Geoffrey Ferrari

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