[OS X Emacs] auctex customization in aquamacs.

Stefano Baroni baroni at sissa.it
Fri Jun 13 11:40:07 EDT 2008

Hi there! Could anybody point me to the relevant doc where I could  
find info on how to customize the "latex command" of the auctex group  
in aquamacs? I would like to use pstricks which is not available with  
dflatex, so I would like to define a command that produces a pdf file  
from latex+dvips+ps2pdf. I tried to get inspiration from some default  
values for other commands, but I could figure out the meaning of the  
"%p", "%r", and "%s" argments that I have found for other commands,  
nor was I able to figre out how to associate a single command to a  
suite of several shell commands. Any help would be much appreciated.  
Thanks - SB

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