[OS X Emacs] Aquamacs 1.4rc3: saving options

Stefan Vollmar vollmar at nf.mpg.de
Wed Jun 18 11:17:39 EDT 2008


On 17.06.2008, at 21:15, Stefan Vollmar wrote:

> after changing from Aquamacs 1.4rc1 to 1.4rc3 one of our Macs lost  
> the previous customization: we want frames spanning the full screen  
> height, no toolbar at all (sorry about the high quality icons), and  
> a slightly larger font size everywhere. This used to work very well  
> - so, full of hope, we re-configured Aquamacs to our needs using the  
> Options Menu but after a "Save Options" in 1.4rc3 and a restart,  
> Aquamacs has now forgotten (again) about the font size, the toolbar  
> and the frame position (it did remember about "Show Tabs", the  
> Option Key setting and Column Numbers). Could this be a problem with  
> our .emacs-File?

this problem has been solved: for some reason, Aquamacs-Styles mode  
was disabled. When trying a Options:Save Options, Aquamacs actually  
warned that Aquamacs-Styles mode was off and not all settings would be  
saved - it obviously pays to read warnings... We have used  
Options:Customize Emacs to switch this mode on: saving font  
preferences and frame positions now works beautifully in Aquamacs  

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