[OS X Emacs] Is there a way to donate without first registering for a sourceforge account

Peter Møller Neergaard peter at mollerneergaard.net
Sun Jun 29 18:09:03 EDT 2008

I've used Aquaemacs occasionally for a while.  I would like to  
acknowledge the work put in by the developers by donating to the  
project.  It appears that every link on the donationts page (http://aquamacs.org/donations.shtml 
) take you to a page where you first need to create a SourceForge  
account.  This seems unnecessary onerous -- I'm interesting in  
donating, not in starting to receive e-mails from SourceForge.

Thank you


“You are more authentic the more you resemble what you dream of  
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Peter Møller Neergaard
peter at mollerneergaard.net

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