[OS X Emacs] getting rid of GNUS alert boxes

Art Werschulz agw at comcast.net
Sun Mar 16 13:02:13 EDT 2008


Using GNU Emacs (powerpc-apple-darwin7.9.0, Carbon Version  
1.6.0) of 2008-02-23 on applecore.inf.ed.ac.uk - Aquamacs  
Distribution 1.3 ...

Suppose that I'm in a *Summary ...* buffer, which lists the subjects  
(etc.) of the currently-selected newsgroup.  The command gnus-summary- 
catchup-and-exit is bound to the keystroke "c".  When I issue this  
command, I am asked for confirmation (i.e., a msg of the form "Mark  
all unread articles as read?").

This msg appears in one of two places:
(1) Sometimes it appears in the minibuffer.  A "y/n" response is  
(2) Sometimes it appears in an alert box, and a button needs to pressed.
I'm not sure what the conditions are that make one happen, rather  
than the other.

At any rate, I would prefer scenario (1).  How do I make this  
happen?  I suspect that there is some variable somewhere to do this.   
Since there are 561 lines' worth of variables matching the pattern  
"gnus-", I thought that I should ask this list to see if somebody  
already knows the answer.

Many thanks.

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