[OS X Emacs] cocoAspell and Aquamacs 1.3a

Alex Hamann Alexander.Hamann at stud-mail.uni-wuerzburg.de
Sun Mar 16 15:11:44 EDT 2008

Well, I thought about tweaking but due to lack of time I had to go  
the easy route (which I still dislike) and went for the MacPorts  
solution. That does indeed work fine without further fiddling.


Am 16.03.2008 um 18:49 schrieb Johannes Brauer:

> Hi!
> I have installed cocoAspell with 2 dictionaries in /Library/ 
> Application\ Support/cocoAspell/ : aspell6-de-20030222-1 and  
> aspell6-en-6.0-0/.
> Setting the dictionary to "deutsch", all works fine. But trying to  
> activate the english dictionary  I get the following error message:
> Starting new Ispell process [english] ...
> ad-Orig-error: Error: The file "/Library/Application Support/ 
> cocoAspell/aspell6-de-20030222-1/english" can not be opened for  
> reading.
> Apparently, the dictionary is searched in the wrong directory. But  
> I don't know why. I think this problem was discusssed in a thread  
> initiated by Alex Hamann, but I have not find any solution.
> Johannes
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