[OS X Emacs] Skim auto-update of dvi and pdf files

Rick Zaccone zaccone at bucknell.edu
Mon Mar 17 07:20:07 EDT 2008

On Mar 16, 2008, at 2008-03-16, 8:10 PM, Ivan Werning wrote:

> I have an issue with my aquamacs/skim setup. Whenever I recompile a  
> file (thru latex in case of a .dvi or pdflatex in case of a .pdf)  
> which is open in already in skim I want it to auto update there  
> (like doing a "revert" from the skim file menu). After the first  
> time that you update the file one gets a prompt from Skim and select  
> Auto. That should do it.
> My problem is that it then works off and on, sporadically. Sometimes  
> it updates, sometimes it does not. I haven't discovered any pattern.  
> Anyone else experience this problem? Any idea on how to fix it?
> Thanks!
> Ivan

I occasionally have a similar problem.  Skim stops automatically  
updating.  I quit Skim, start it again, and everything goes back to  
normal.  That's more of a work-around than a fix though.


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