[OS X Emacs] cocoAspell and Aquamacs 1.3a

Peter Dyballa Peter_Dyballa at Web.DE
Thu Mar 20 11:05:21 EDT 2008

Am 20.03.2008 um 15:40 schrieb Johannes Brauer:

> How can I force Aquamacs not to look for the english dictionary in  
> the de-subdirectory?

Find out which ELisp file sets this faulty value. You can do that  
*in* Emacs. Open in dired-mode (C-x d) /Applications/Aquamacs  
Emacs.app/Contents/Resources. Then invoke M-x grep-find. In mini- 
buffer a line like this will appear:

	find . -type f -exec grep -nH -e {} /dev/null \;

Presumingly there will be two kinds of ELisp files, gzip'ed and not  
gzip'ed ones. So the original line needs to be modified to:

	find . -type f -name "*.el" -exec grep -nH -e aspell6 {} /dev/null \;

A list of hyper-links to the ELisp files containing "aspell6" will be  
created. Clicking on them will open the file at the line with the  
"aspell6" string. If you don't see the place where this "aspell6"  
stuff is being set, then try to grep-find again. Now just press  
cursor-up when the first and original line appears in mini-buffer to  
make the previous expression appear. Edit it to become (two changes):

	find . -type f -name "*.el.gz" -exec zgrep -nH -e aspell6 {} /dev/ 
null \;

If this still does explain (find) the cause of your problem, then I  
presume that you made some customisation in your user-init-file ...

In case you've found the setting, make it point to the right  
directory, best in your user-init-file, because changes inside the  
Aquamacs Emacs application bundle will be lost upon upgrade.

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