[OS X Emacs] cocoAspell and Aquamacs 1.3a

Johannes Brauer brauer at nordakademie.de
Thu Mar 20 17:37:39 EDT 2008

Am 20.03.2008 um 22:20 schrieb Nathaniel Cunningham:

> yes, but now I cannot switch to the german dictionary. Trying this I  
> get now:
> Local Ispell dictionary set to deutsch
> Starting new Ispell process [deutsch] ..
> Error in post-command-hook: (error Error: The file "/Library/ 
> Application Support/cocoAspell/aspell6-en-6.0-0/deutsch" can not be  
> opened for reading.)
> Johannes--
> I realize this isn't terribly convenient.  You can change the dict- 
> dir at any time within the same Aquamacs session by doing the  
> following:
> 0) kill the ispell process if it's running (Edit-->Spelling-->Kill  
> Process, or simply 'q' during a spellchecking session)
> 1) update your ASPELL_CONF by evalutating the same (getenv) command  
> in any buffer, using C-x C-e after the closing parenthesis:
> (setenv "ASPELL_CONF" "conf-dir /Users/nathaniel/Library
> /Preferences/cocoAspell;dict-dir /Library/Application Support/ 
> cocoAspell/aspell6-en-6.0-0")
> (alternatively, this can be set interactively using M-x setenv  
> [return] ..., but that's a lot of typing in the minibuffer)
> 2) select your new dictionary via Edit-->Spelling-->Change dictionary
> ... And spellcheck away, with the new dictionary.
> Again, a fix for this unwieldy behavior is being worked on.

thanks, Nathaniel!

Either I will wait for the fix or  try the MacPort solution


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