[OS X Emacs] Default frame width for frames created with C-x C-f how

Timothy Hsu timothyhsu at earthlink.net
Thu May 8 20:31:01 EDT 2008

Hi, I've been using aquamacs for a while now, and just
upgraded to 1.3.  I know very little about how it works,
so this question may be pretty stupid.

After the upgrade, it seems that by default, new frames
appear with width 56 instead of width 80, especially if I
make a frame using C-x C-f.  This did not happen before I
upgraded.  I have tried changing my .emacs file and my
Preferences.el file by adding:

(smart-frame-positioning-mode nil)

(setq default-frame-alist '((width . 80) (height . 55)))

(setq initial-frame-alist '((width . 80) (height . 55)))

(setq aquamacs-auto-frame-parameters nil)

(I put that code at the end of both files).  Any
suggestions?  If, as some google searches seem to suggest,
this is being overridden by major modes or something like
that, how do I change the alist (or whatever the analogue
is) for the different major modes?

Thanks, and apologies for being ignorant,

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