[OS X Emacs] AUCTeX-XeTeX broken after switch to Carbon Emacs

pdfinn at uwm.edu pdfinn at uwm.edu
Sun May 11 13:49:20 EDT 2008

At Sun, 11 May 2008 00:45:02 +0100,
David Reitter wrote:
> > ---the Command-Shift-Return
> > command was (and still is) reported as undefined.
> That's strange.  When you type C-h k A-S-Return, do you also get a  
> message that it is undefined?
> That shouldn't be.  Would you please examine the appropriate keymap by  
> typing C-h v osx-key-mode-map RET?
> You should see a line that says
> (A-S-return . aquamacs-toggle-full-frame)
> among many other bindings.
> Thanks for your help.

I'm trying to look into this, but having a problem with Aquamacs launching now.
Aquamacs starts up, but then I get the following (from *Message* buffer):

("/Applications/Aquamacs Emacs.app/Contents/MacOS/Aquamacs Emacs")
eval-buffer: Symbol's value as variable is void: carbon-emacs-package-portable-mode

At this point, if I attempt to check the variable osx-key-mode-map I get no match.
It does not seem Aquamacs is getting very far with its initialization.  What do
you make of this?  Is this a conflict with my Carbon Emacs?

> >  The command now works for me
> > using last night's build---and the full-screen display look great,  
> > nice job.
> With "command", you mean M-x mac-toggle-full-frame RET, right?

Yes, that's correct.

> > In Aquamacs, my Wanderlust MUA component and w3m are not working--- 
> > so for now I'm
> > going to stick with Carbon Emacs where they do.
> They should work without problems.  I know that people have installed  
> w3m successfully; either package would go into /Library/Application  
> Support/Aquamacs Emacs/... and you would need "require" statements in  
> your Preferences.el to load them.
> If you post a description of the error you're getting, people on this  
> list might be able to help out.

Thanks, I'll start a new thread to deal with these.

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