[OS X Emacs] aquamacs scratch buffer

David Reitter david.reitter at gmail.com
Fri May 16 09:10:57 EDT 2008

On 16 May 2008, at 12:30, Ivan Werning wrote:

> So is there any other way then of getting my buffers with their  
> frame positions loaded automatically (just like my last quit) when I  
> open Aquamacs?

I don't know if there is a package that does just that, but in  
principle, everything is in place in Aquamacs to do that.  Frame  
positions are saved automatically (smart-frame-positioning mode), one- 
buffer-one-frame-mode will automatically show files in their own  
frames.  But desktop-read doesn't seem to do the right thing.

Technically, it shouldn't be all that hard.  You merely need to store  
the window settings (including what buffer is shown where) for each  
frame, along with frame-local variables / parameters (which include  
size, position, some colors) and all the frame-specific faces.  This  
is pretty easy to obtain and to serialize, and easy enough to  
restore.  The Desktop package seems to handle the rest.

If anyone was to extend desktop.el to do these things, we'd be more  
than interested in including that in Aquamacs.  It would make a fine  
contribution to GNU Emacs in general, if you can put up with a lot of  
additional coding constraints.

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