[OS X Emacs] NSEmacs: copying and pasting long lines without the backslash

Lloyd Zusman ljz at asfast.com
Sat Nov 1 19:44:45 EDT 2008

I'm using "NSEmacs" under Mac OS 10.5. This is emacs version

I want to be able to type long lines in emacs and then select them
in a such way so that when I copy and paste them into a different
application, each long line gets copied as is, without being split
and without the backslash character at the end of each of the split

For example, if I type a 300-character line in emacs without line
breaks in an emacs window that's 80 characters wide, and if I select
it in emacs and paste it into another program (using Command-C and
Command-V to copy and then paste), I don't want it to look like this
when it ends up in the other program:

The first 79 chars \
the next 79 chars  \
the next 79 chars  \
the next 63 chars

If I use the normal yank-kill emacs mechanism, the copied line doesn't
end up in the Mac OS paste buffer. Is there another way to select text in
"NSEmacs" under Mac OS 10.5 so that it can be copied and pasted outside
of emacs without the line breaks?

Thanks in advance.

 Lloyd Zusman
 ljz at asfast.com
 God bless you

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