[OS X Emacs] aquamacs - installing ispell/aspell

sergio sergio at village-buzz.com
Thu Nov 13 11:14:18 EST 2008

> Click on "below" or scroll down in the help window to see the actual  
> value.  Hopefully it has one default (nil) entry with associated  
> settings, and one for each of your chosen dictionaries, English  
> [variant 1] and [variant 0].

okay, this looks interesting..

i hit below, and there is a FLOOD of languages entered..

but no English [variant 1] or [variant 0].

> Try changing dictionaries within Aquamacs -- use the Edit-->Spelling  
> menu or M-x ispell-change-dictionary, hit spacebar to see your  
> options, and click one of the non-default choices.  Then try spell- 
> checking again.

did this...


ad-Orig-error: Error: No word lists can be found for the language  

> By the way, I believe your cocoAspell preferences will only be  
> checked when ispell is first started, so you will have to re-start  
> Aquamacs (or M-x unload-feature ispell) and re-start ispell if you  
> want changes to be registered.

i have been restarting after each  time i goofed with it..

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