[OS X Emacs] email with emacs?

skip at pobox.com skip at pobox.com
Fri Nov 21 16:53:55 EST 2008

    David> As said many times on this list, do NOT manipulate the .app bundle.

Ok, so what is the --prefix arg to use?  It's just a different base
directory.  My quibble is that the structure underneath the --prefix appears
to be different between Aquamacs and what VM wants to use.

    David> You can compile using Aquamacs as you say, or, more reliably, use
    David> --with-emacs `which emacs', which will select the emacs that
    David> comes with OS X.  It is usually in /usr/bin/emacs, I believe.

The VM install directions specifically warns not to do this.  Bytecode
formats change.  While it might be safe today, there is no guarantee that
the bytecode format for /usr/bin/emacs and Aquamacs will always remain


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