[OS X Emacs] Aquamacs can't find LaTeX

Daniel Rubenson rubenson at politics.ryerson.ca
Wed Nov 26 10:52:18 EST 2008

I just got a new mac. I transferred all my files, apps and settings from my old mac using Apple's timemachine.

There seems to now be a problem with Aquamacs. When I try to compile a .tex file on the new computer, I get the error:

LaTeX: problem after [0] pages

Is this because Aquamacs can't find LaTeX on the new machine? I tested a .tex file with TeXShop and it compiles just fine so the problem is not with latex. There must be some setting in Aquamacs that needs tweeking but I can't figure out which one.

Does anyone know how I would tell Aquamacs where to find latex? I guess it's a matter of setting the right path somewhere...

Or is this problem of a different nature?



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