[OS X Emacs] emacs Latex word/expression auto-completion

wishi brouce at gmx.net
Fri Oct 10 10:46:22 EDT 2008


Well... completely lacking. I wouldn't say that. :) No!
I found something interesting:


I edited my init files accordingly, after installing it.. and added:

(global-set-key [(tab)] 'smart-tab)
 (defun smart-tab ()
   "This smart tab is minibuffer compliant: it acts as usual in
     the minibuffer. Else, if mark is active, indents region. Else if
     point is at the end of a symbol, expands it. Else indents the
     current line."
   (if (minibufferp)
       (unless (minibuffer-complete)
         (dabbrev-expand nil))
     (if mark-active
         (indent-region (region-beginning)
       (if (looking-at "\\_>")
           (dabbrev-expand nil)

That's adding non-context aware tab-completion, but by using the
semantic bovinator in competionUI this could be enhanced. I'm not sure
jet how I can do that.


I read about a popup completion which is context sensitive. Of course by
computer scientific points you can implement this in Lisp... can.

This seems to be a very cool approach. I'm nut sure whether is's
Aquamacs or me, being incompatible:

;; add-to-list 'load-path "$PATH")
(require 'company-mode)
(require 'company-bundled-completions)

In my .emacs this works out, without errors.


I'm somehow unsure how to invoke this - the documentation is quite small
I'd say.

At the moment the tab completion saves typing - but I guess I'm doing
some more stuff. Would be a great default implementation in Aquamacs,
because math-folks don't necessary know LISP but like ease and Auctex -
which don't come together very often :)


Adrian schrieb:
> Hi Wishi,
> You can define abbrevs in emacs that work like auto-completions.  However,
> these are not ideal for LaTeX.  I used to use AlphaX as a text editor, which
> had a great completions system, and I agree that it's something that Emacs
> seems to be sorely lacking.
> For more information about abbrevs, how they work, and how to define them,
> you might check out this chapter in the Emacs manual:
> http://www.cs.utah.edu/dept/old/texinfo/emacs19/emacs_28.html.  There is
> also a handy page on how to define your own abbrevs in a file rather than
> defining each one individually at the command line as the Emacs manual
> suggests: http://www.math.umn.edu/~aoleg/emacs/latex.shtml.
> A few caveats, however:
> 1) The second reference above is for xemacs, so you might have to change a
> bit of the syntax.  I got it mostly working with Aquamacs if you need more
> info.
> 2) Abbrevs beginning with a "\" character don't work!  For example, "\a"
> will not expand to "\alpha".  Any abbrev beginning with a "\" character
> seems to fail, even those defined at the command line.  I sent a message to
> this group yesterday about this problem, but I have yet to hear anything
> back.
> Until someone else replies back with a better suggestion (and I really hope,
> for Emacs' sake, that there is a better option), slash-less abbrevs are the
> best I can offer.
> Happy TeXing,
> Adrian
> 2008/10/9 wishi <brouce at gmx.net>
>> Hi fellows!
>> I'm writing lots of math-stuff at the moment, in LaTeX. Auctex in
>> Aquamacs emacs (pre-installed) comes in very handy. But what I'm
>> missing, being not a really sophisticated emacs user: where's something
>> like Tab-Completion for Latex (or other) expressions? Sometimes they are
>> really long ;).
>> I got to know emacs can everything. Well... ;) Can I complete words,
>> just like an IDE can, hitting Tab?
>> If someone knows a nifty default option I can put in my .emacs to enable
>> that by default - would be great.
>> Another question: If I want to create a Tab, to format my source-code a
>> little better, emacs resists doing that. I don't know... seems to be a
>> little wired having 20 matrices. Is there any option to make that
>> possible, too?
>> Thanks in advance,
>> wishi
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