[OS X Emacs] Dynamic window positioning in Aquamacs

David Reitter david.reitter at gmail.com
Fri Oct 10 20:48:37 EDT 2008

On 10 Oct 2008, at 16:41, Adrian wrote:

> David, your point is well-taken.  You're right about your work with  
> Aquamacs: I simply could not use Emacs before the OS X native  
> version.  With Aquamacs, I am able to hold my dislike of Emacs at a  
> manageable level.  I would be more inclined to help with this  
> project, however I feel Aquamacs is a band-aid for many deeper  
> problems in Emacs.  I have considered trying to remedy many of what  
> I see as Emac's failings and have gone so far as to try to edit the  
> original source, but the task is just too immense.  Moreover, I  
> doubt that my goals of creating a more modern application would be  
> well received as long as "rms" is at he helm of Emacs.  I know that  
> somebody has to start somewhere or else change will never occur, but  
> for me, the starting point would probably be gutting the entire  
> thing, rebuilding it in C, and putting an attractive, intuitive GUI  
> on the front.  I have a feeling that this could possibly take the  
> better part of my free for years to come.

I respect your opinion and I felt the same in 2005.  Our conclusions  
are, obviously, different.

There are deep problems with Emacs, but there are also great  
advantages.  I could talk about my recent experience of RSI (for the  
first time after 24 years of computing), and how a keyboard oriented  
approach to UI helped me in such a situation.  I might also mention  
that RMS, whose contributions to free software and (consequently)  
mankind, are enormous, has handed over active maintainership to two  
knowledgeable and progressive people.  But I'd like to stop discussing  
this here, because I don't expect anything constructive to come out of  

> As for the *scratch* buffer, I feel that it is an anachronism that  
> is a useless annoyance to the vast majority of users (of course I  
> may be flamed by adamant scratch diehards).  I would like to emulate  
> the behavior of most modern applications:
> 1) If I open the application with no arguments, either from the  
> command line or dock, it opens a blank window called "untitled".  If  
> I edit this file and then try to close it, I should be prompted to  
> save it.  If I open another document

Yes, okay.
What do others think? How valuable would it be for Mac users to not  
show *scratch* in Aquamacs, perhaps by default, and make this behavior  

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