[OS X Emacs] Dynamic window positioning in Aquamacs

Alex Hamann mailinglist at alex-hamann.de
Sat Oct 11 10:50:08 EDT 2008

On 11.10.2008, at 15:33, Thomas Käufl wrote:

> Am 11. Okt 2008 um 02:48 schrieb David Reitter:
>> ...
>> What do others think? How valuable would it be for Mac users to  
>> not show *scratch* in Aquamacs, perhaps by default, and make this  
>> behavior optional?
> I was never bothered by the *scratch* buffer. And in the years
> when I had no Emacs on the Mac, I missed it. Frequently I need
> a place to deposit pieces of text to be used later.
> A buffer where I am not asked whether I want to save its
> contents when I quit, meight be a good thing.
> Thomas Köufl

I back that.  Sometimes I have some pieces of text which I simply do  
not want to save to file because they are of minor importance, or  
some other reason.
An optional model seems a good solution for all sides, though.


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