[OS X Emacs] Mailing list server admin for Aquamacs sought

David Reitter david.reitter at gmail.com
Wed Oct 15 18:59:24 EDT 2008

The Aquamacs project is looking for a server admin who will set up and  
monitor the project's mailing lists.  This involves:

- configuring Mailman / Postfix / server firewall / etc. and setting  
up DNS and mail forwards as needed
- migration of mail archives and user databases from the existing  
Mailman setup at Sourceforge
- managing the running mailing lists

for the first two steps, I would expect a very brief evaluation of  
requirements and some sort of test migration so that this can be done  
without major interruption of service.  (That's basically what a  
professional sysadmin would do.)

I would want a reliable, can-do person who has worked with production  
servers before (not necessarily mailing list admin).

We have a great, modern Intel Mac server with plenty of RAM and free  
HD space running Leopard, which will happily handle this job.

The rewards: contributing to an interesting and much-loved free  
software project and contact to a grateful and encouraging audience.   
Contributing back to a project that may have been useful to you in the  
past!  In the past, others have worked closely with me to contribute  
great things like the new website design (Ted Roden), icon artwork  
(the Aquamacs toolbars), or Lisp code for the tabs (Nathaniel  
Cunningham).  Here's your chance to be part of the project.  Please  
get in touch!

http://aquamacs.org -- Aquamacs: Emacs on Mac OS X
http://aquamacs.org/donate -- Could we help you? Return the favor and  
support the Aquamacs Project!
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