[OS X Emacs] Re: Binding the command key in current Emacs.app

Alex Payne al3x at al3x.net
Fri Oct 31 20:10:13 EDT 2008

Peter, you wrote:

> (global-set-key [s-down]                'end-of-window)
> You can also first bind a key manually and then repeat this last
> command to see to which ELisp code it led.

This works for your specific example, but does not work for the
following ELisp snippet:

(global-set-key [s-{] 'previous-buffer)

When I manually run global-set-key to map command-{ to the
previous-buffer function, it works.  When I then run previous-buffer
manually, it claims "You can run the command 'previous-buffer' with
s-{", but this doesn't actually work in practice.  I still get the
error "s-{ is undefined".

Does the "{" key need to be specified in some other way, or perhaps escaped?

Alex Payne

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