[OS X Emacs] Aquamacs Emacs 1.5 and scrolling

David Reitter david.reitter at gmail.com
Mon Sep 22 21:00:10 EDT 2008

On 22 Sep 2008, at 18:28, Stefan Vollmar wrote:
> One small thing: we are starting our compiled programs from within  
> Aquamacs with
> (shell-command "./mybin &") to capture the output in the "*Async  
> Shell Command*" buffer. This is very useful and generally works  
> well. However, the buffer with the program's output always ends up  
> in a way that requires to scroll back manually to see the last lines  
> of output. Can we configure Aquamacs to not scroll beyond the last  
> line of captured output? Many thanks in advance.

Tricky one.  I would have thought that

(setq scroll-up-aggressively 0.0)

should do the trick, but it doesn't.

Inspection of the `shell-command' code shows me that it's a buffer in  
shell-mode, which uses comint. So:

(setq comint-scroll-show-maximum-output t)

This is documented as "Non-nil means scroll so that the window is full  
of text and point is on the last line. "

Now, unfortunately this doesn't work for me either, so right now I'm  
at a loss.

If no-one else has an idea here, we should ask over on help-gnu- 
emacs.  It's not specific to Aquamacs it seems.
Feels like a bug or a really badly documented feature.

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