[OS X Emacs] Aquamacs + BBDB or EDB

skip at pobox.com skip at pobox.com
Fri Aug 7 18:51:29 EDT 2009

    Jose> By the way, it's sad that VM and BBDB are in the hands of people
    Jose> who use XEmacs and who seem totally uninterested in whether these
    Jose> packages even build to be used with other variants of emacs.

It's not the fault of people who maintain packages like BBDB or VM that the
core XEmacs and GNU Emacs camps haven't been able to come to some sort of
agreement about merging the two versions or even to agree on common APIs for
some major facilities.  This has been going on for at least a decade.  If
someone chooses not to maintain their package on both I don't think I can
blame them.  It's a bit of a PITA just to try and use both dialects let
alone try to maintain packages across them.

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