[OS X Emacs] looking for help in two areas

Craig A. Finseth fin at finseth.com
Sat Aug 15 16:35:58 EDT 2009

   > First, if you copy or cut some text (C-W), move somewhere, yank it
   > (C-Y), the text remains selected.  If you start typing, the text that
   > you just yanked is replaced.  What is the mode setting that controls
   > this?

   It doesn't do that for me.  In Help -> Diagnose there's a function  
   that will let you start Aquamacs without customizations.

I've done some more research.

- Kill some text
- Yank it
- Do C-X C-X (exchange-point-and-mark)

Tranisient mark mode is now active.  I don't want it to be active
after the C-X C-X.

I've tried clearing it manually defining my own C-X C-X code:

(defun my-exchange (arg)
  "Do exchange-point-and-mark and clear transient mark mode."
  (interactive "*p")
    (setq arg -1)
    (transient-mark-mode - 1)
    (setq mark-active nil))

It stays active.  Any ideas?


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