[OS X Emacs] New Aquamacs Icon ...

Stefan Vollmar vollmar at nf.mpg.de
Tue Aug 18 15:05:48 EDT 2009

Dear Saptarshi,

On 18.08.2009, at 16:17, Saptarshi Guha wrote:

> I just downloaded Aquamacs2.preview2 and was quite taken aback by  
> the icon.
> It appears either like a) a decapitated yak head in a pool of blue
> blood or b) a drowning yak with a questioning look.
> I don't mean to criticize the logo; this is how I perceived it.

This is, apparently, quite different from the way I perceive it: the  
concept works beautifully for me, I think it is very tastefully done,  
with excellent craftmanship, the facial expression (attentive standby  
to assist with the next editing job, possibly with a little reminder  
that this animal is used to high standards), it looks as powerful as  
the beast on http://savannah.gnu.org but in a more polished way, and  
with a more friendly colour scheme.

I like it.

Warm regards,
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