[OS X Emacs] Re: emacs and Snow Leopard woes

Artemio González López artemiogl at telefonica.net
Sat Aug 29 16:28:24 EDT 2009

On Aug 29, 2009, at 9:00 PM, <macosx-emacs-request at email.esm.psu.edu> <macosx-emacs-request at email.esm.psu.edu 
 > wrote:

> On Aug 29, 2009, at 12:21 PM, Artemio González López wrote:
>> 1) I was using /usr/bin/emacs plus an /Applications/Emacs.app
>> wrapper as my emacs of choice
> You've chosen to use a hack.  Hacks tend to break.

Well, I don't think it's much of a hack to assume that Apple (of all  
people) would compile Emacs with some kind of Carbon or Cocoa support,  
particularly since they didn't even bother to upgrade it from 22.1.  
Anyway, point taken.

>> 2) I installed Snow Leopard's Developer Tools, and tried to build
>> emacs 22.3 with carbon support, which I had done without problems in
>> Leopard. Now, after the usual "./configure --enable-carbon-app",
>> make fails with the following error message:
> Even if you fix the source so you can compile your initial "temacs" on
> 10.6, Emacs will fail to dump or the dumped binary will crash.

Do you know if there's a way to compile other versions of emacs (23.1  
with Cocoa libraries, or even the old 22.1 source in the Darwin 10  
opensource distribution) using the Snow Leopard Developer tools?

Thanks for your help,


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