[OS X Emacs] Aquamacs+Skim inverse search

Christopher Menzel cmenzel at tamu.edu
Sun Aug 30 17:42:52 EDT 2009


I'm trying out preview 2 of Aquamacs 2.0 under Snow Leopard; all seems  
well for the most part but there are a couple of small difference in  
functionality I've noticed compared to Aquamacs 1.8 with regard to  
inverse search.  To get inverse search to work in Skim under Aquamacs.  
2.0 I have used a Custom preset that points to the copy of emacsclient  
that lives in the Aquamacs 2.0 hierarchy.  (I've renamed the app to  
Aquamacs-2.0p2 so I can keep using 1.8.)  This appears to work.   
However, if I have a split window in Aquamacs and do an inverse search  
(i.e., Cmd-Shift-<click>) in my Skim preview window, it sends the  
cursor in *both* panes of the split Aquamacs window to the  
corresponding point in my source.  Under 1.8, doing so only sends the  
cursor in the pane that was most recently active to the corresponding  
point.  Second, doing an inverse search under the 2.0 preview no  
longer makes Aquamacs the foreground application.  One has to click or  
use Cmd-<Tab> to make it so.  Both of these, IMO, are inferior to the  
way inverse search functions under 1.8 and I hope the 1.8  
functionality can be restored.

Chris Menzel

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