[OS X Emacs] emacsclient works differently than gnuclient (XEmacs)

skip at pobox.com skip at pobox.com
Wed Feb 25 19:32:15 EST 2009

    >> Is it not possible to have a glass tty (no gui window) frame with
    >> Aquamacs Emacs?

    David> Not sure what you mean.  You can run Aquamacs in a terminal
    David> (start binary, not emacsclient, with -nw).  Emacs 23 will allow
    David> you to reuse the existing process thanks to its Multi-TTY
    David> capability, but there's little reason to do so on modern machines
    David> except in special circumstances.

Here's my usage scenario.  I run Emacs on my laptop and leave it running for
days or weeks (like most serious Emacs users I suppose).  I use VM to read
my mail.  I'd like to be able to ssh into my laptop from work, fire up a new
non-gui frame using emacsclient, then run VM.  This is how I used


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