[OS X Emacs] embedded calc and M-#

Salvatore Enrico Indiogine hindiogine at gmail.com
Wed Jan 7 18:57:21 EST 2009


On Wed, Jan 7, 2009 at 17:32, David Reitter <david.reitter at gmail.com> wrote:
> On 7 Jan 2009, at 18:23, Salvatore Enrico Indiogine wrote:
>>  Now, if I only could figure out why C-c C-c is not properly aligning
>> my tables in org-mode?
> What kind of font are you using?
> Is it variable-width or monospaced?

Lucida Grande 13 points.    I do not know if it is variable-width or monospaced.

It is the Aquamacs default.


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