[OS X Emacs] How to Use Aquamacs Emacs as the editor in Mutt

John Velman velman at cox.net
Mon Jan 12 14:49:26 EST 2009

To set context:  I'm new to Aquamacs Emacs, (relatively) new to Mac, used
Emacs briefly under DJGPP on Windows 3.1 years and years ago, since then
been using VIM and, on Mac, MacVim.

I decided for some reason to have another go at Emacs, and so far I like
Aquamacs Emacs quite well.  Naturally having some trouble with ingrained
habits, but I think I can get past that.

Now:  How can I set the vimrc file to use it as the editor for writing new
mail in mutt?  I'm still using Macvim to write this, and if I'm going to
actually learn to use emacs I need to start using it!

I tried '/Applications/Aquamacs\ Emacs\Contents\MacOS\Aquamacs\ Emacs'

and got a failure message from mutt.  

Possibly this will work with the right options set, but I don't know where
to look.


John Velman


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