[OS X Emacs] Page headers and footers?

John Velman velman at cox.net
Tue Jan 13 14:07:11 EST 2009

I've been using Aquamacs emacs for a day now, and just installed 1.6.
Although I haven't used emacs for many years (and then, never became
really proficient) I'm finding this version very nice.  I feel sort of
guilty giving up Vim after all this time, though.

To my question:  Is there an "easy" way to get headers and footers
when printing? 

Does the "preview and print" menu item use Cocoa Text Layout, or some
other printing interface?   I'm learning Cocoa, and my first
application has a fairly complex printing requirement which I'm now
trying to prototype.   If printing is part of a Cocoa transition, I
might be able to contribute something to this (but probably not for
another few weeks -- I have a vacation coming up and need to finish
the print portion of my application first).


John Velman

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