[OS X Emacs] SyncTex

Peter Dyballa Peter_Dyballa at Web.DE
Fri Jan 16 14:28:38 EST 2009

Am 16.01.2009 um 17:16 schrieb Jan Rosinski:

> When I was struggling with the tex version on aquamacs, I installed  
> and tried emacs carbon.
> Emacs accepted synctex without problems, so I infer it picked up  
> MacTex2008.

Carbon Emacs has (or had) particular hard-wired support inside an  
ELisp file in its bundle. I remember having read that it had been  
revised. Right now its site-start.el file contains in my elderly  
version (Spring, 2008; I'm still on Tiger, free of all Leopard PDF  

(unless (equal "NO"
                (mac-get-preference "UnixPathFix" "CarbonEmacsPackage"))
   ;; path
      "~/bin"          ; one's own
      "/usr/texbin"    ; TeX
      "/usr/X11R6/bin" ; xdvi
      "/usr/local/teTeX/bin/i386-apple-darwin-current" ; i-Installer  
      "/usr/local/teTeX/bin/powerpc-apple-darwin-current" ; i- 
Installer (ppc)
      "/opt/local/bin" ; MacPorts
      "/sw/bin"        ; Fink
   (message "PATH=%s" (getenv "PATH"))
   (setq carbon-emacs-package-unix-path-fixed t)

It's a bit clumsy, since teTeX is dead (and I doubt it existed long  
enough to have an intel version for Mac OS X), xdvi is not in /usr/ 
X11R6/bin (which is /usr/X11/bin in Leopard), and the CPU hardware  
can be determined programmatically. These things and failures would  
not be needed if users would care a bit more about their doings.



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