[OS X Emacs] SyncTex

Alex Hamann mailinglist at alex-hamann.de
Fri Jan 16 15:59:14 EST 2009

On 16.01.2009, at 20:24, Jose Figueroa-O'Farrill wrote:

>>>>>> "Peter" == Peter Dyballa <Peter_Dyballa at Web.DE> writes:
> Peter> Right now its site-start.el file contains in my elderly
> Peter> version (Spring, 2008; I'm still on Tiger, free of all  
> Leopard PDF
> Peter> problems)
> Slightly off-topic, but as someone who is about to transition
> from a Powerbook G4 (running Tiger) to a MacBook Pro (presumably
> running Leopard), I would be very interested to know more about these
> PDF problems.  Where can I read about them?
> Thanks, José

try to look around in the tex on mac os x mailing list. It was a  
problem that was eventually solved with version 10.5.4 IIRC. (Not  
being on Leopard myself it is hard for me to remember.) The problem  
was Preview crashing on documents from pdftex that contain certain  
One of the threads about this topic was called "Potential good news  
for printing in Leopard 10.5.3?"

Good luck,


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