[OS X Emacs] Interactive window dimension feedback during resize?

skip at pobox.com skip at pobox.com
Wed Jan 21 18:42:55 EST 2009

    Ian> M-: (set-frame-parameter nil 'width 80) RET

Well, I suppose that would do in a pinch, but it is handy to stretch a
window wide (say, to view long log lines) and stretch it back.  This is a
action that is easier to do with the mouse than by typing.  XEmacs has
always had this capability.  On my Mac while stretching a window it updates
the window title with the current dimensions.  On Solaris it floats a little
window with the current dimensions over the center of the stretching window.

(I imagine the different I observe between Mac and Solaris have more to do
with the window manager being used than the OS.)

I see that TextEdit doesn't show window dimensions during resize either.
Maybe it's a Mac GUI standard thing that users shouldn't care how big their
windows are.  Still would be real nice to have in my opinion.  Is there some
Emacs command being executed I can hook when resizing?  

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