[OS X Emacs] Installing newer version of org-mode

Stefan Vollmar vollmar at nf.mpg.de
Sun Jul 5 16:02:39 EDT 2009

Dear Tom,

On 05.07.2009, at 18:39, Thomas S. Dye wrote:

> I've been using org-mode quite a bit lately, enough to discover that  
> I'd like to use features added recently.  The org-mode in Aquamacs  
> is 5.23a; the current org-mode release is 6.28.   What is the best  
> way to install a new org-mode so it works with Aquamacs?

The following recipe works very well for me:

This is what needs to be done once:

(1) do an initial
git clone git://repo.or.cz/org-mode.git
of the latest version.

(2) Change into that directory and edit the Makefile (assuming  
Aquamacs has been installed in /Applications):
# Name of your emacs binary
EMACS="/Applications/Aquamacs Emacs.app/Contents/MacOS/Aquamacs Emacs"

(3) Adapt your .emacs-file (the git part is in "~/devel/org-mode" in  
my setup):

(defvar org-sys-directory "~/devel/org-mode/lisp"
   "The directory containing the org distribution.")
(setq load-path (cons org-sys-directory load-path))

Now everytime you want to get the latest org-version do a

(4) make update

in your org-directory. In Aquamacs do a

(5) M-x org-reload

then a

M-x org-version

to make sure everything works as expected.
Warm regards,
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