[OS X Emacs] Handling AucTeX errors

Jose Figueroa-O'Farrill j.m.figueroa at ed.ac.uk
Wed Jul 29 07:48:23 EDT 2009

>>>>> "Enrico" == Enrico Franconi <franconi at inf.unibz.it> writes:

Enrico> On 29 Jul 2009, at 08:22, David Reitter wrote:

>> On Jul 28, 2009, at 4:27 PM, Enrico Franconi wrote:
>>> With Aquamacs/Cocoa: whenever I hit "^C`" to get the explanation of  
>>> a LaTeX error, Aquamacs opens a new tab called "Web2C 7.5.7"  
>>> instead of just keeping in focus the tab with the source LaTeX file  
>>> (see attachment, if it goes through the mailing list). In the  
>>> carbon Aquamacs everything works as it should.
>> I've seen this on occasion, too, with certain tex files at least.  I  
>> have no idea where this is coming from and nobody has debugged it.   
>> If you could take a look to find a fix, that'd be great.

Enrico> The fix is (from the auctex forum):

Enrico> (add-hook
Enrico>   'LaTeX-mode-hook
Enrico>   (lambda nil
Enrico>     (setq LaTeX-command "latex -file-line-error")))

I think it might be better to have

  (lambda nil
    (setq LaTeX-command "latex -file-line-error -synctex=1")))

otherwise you won't get synchronisation with Skim, for instance.

Cheers, José

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