[OS X Emacs] Soft word wrap

Enrico Franconi franconi at inf.unibz.it
Wed Jul 29 10:50:31 EDT 2009

I did put it at top level in my .emacs
It is still not working.
Is it working for somebody out there? Is there anybody able to switch  
off (and on again) the soft wrap mode with elisp somehow? How?

On 29 Jul 2009, at 14:45, Jose Figueroa-O'Farrill wrote:

> Enrico> Well, I tried that but, unless there is something I am  
> missing, it
> Enrico> does not work.
> Enrico> The "soft word wrap" entry in the menu remains selected and  
> the
> Enrico> behaviour does not change...
> Perhaps there is something else which is turning it on after the
> LaTeX-mode-hook is called???  I'm not sure about the order in which
> hooks are called: LaTeX-mode is a special kind of text-mode, but I
> would expect hooks to be called in order of specialisation.

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