[OS X Emacs] tabs ? spaces ?

Jean-Christophe Helary jean.christophe.helary at gmail.com
Thu Jun 18 03:28:37 EDT 2009

On jeudi 18 juin 09, at 16:18, Peter Dyballa wrote:

> Am 18.06.2009 um 05:01 schrieb Jean-Christophe Helary:
>> I don't care about spaces or tags, but I can't see the pattern in  
>> what's going on and I'd like some consistency...
> C-q TAB will make it consistent. (TAB in a text buffer will stop  
> where in the line above a word starts. A nice feature…)

Thank you Peter.

It is indeed a nice feature when the font is monospace. When it is  
not, it is rather confusing...

Is there a way (like in other text editors) to set TAB as being the  
charater entered when TAB is hit ?

Jean-Christophe Helary


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