[OS X Emacs] OrgMode refile error - Kill is not a (set of) trees

Michael Gilbert mcg at gilbert.org
Tue Jun 23 23:36:10 EDT 2009

Hi all --

I am a noob - drawn to the alien world of Emacs (from my familiar Mac  
environment) by OrgMode. I am uncertain enough that I don't rightly  
know if this is best described as an OrgMode error or an Emacs error,  
but since OM is bundled and I am using nightly builds, I figured I  
would start here.

I am using last night's build.

In OrgMode, I am trying to learn to refile tasks. I use C-c C-w on a  
TODO item in a notes file. It goes through the process of allowing me  
to select the destination for the item. But then it throws an error -  
"Kill is not a (set of) trees" etc - every time. Doesn't kill the TODO  
and obviously doesn't yank it to the new location.

Any advice?

-- Michael

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