[OS X Emacs] to wrap or not to wrap (for org-mode)

Stefan Vollmar vollmar at nf.mpg.de
Thu Jun 25 18:35:27 EDT 2009


this is a topic which might be related to Aquamacs and not limited to  
org-mode so I posted to both lists - sorry for the hassle.

Aquamacs 1.8a, org-mode 6.28b

Aquamacs offers (Options Menu): Hard Word Wrap, Soft Word Wrap and  
Auto Word Wrap. I think Soft Word Wrap is very convenient for writing  
text (for html-export) in org-mode, however, when comparing different  
versions of one document (from a subversion repository), finding  
differences is cumbersome for long-ish paragraphs as the granularity  
for comparisons is typically line-based. Another reason, why Soft Word  
Wrap (in its current incarnation?) maybe is not ideal for org-mode is  
the formatting of plain lists:

- this is a list entry going on going on and going on
   and its second line should start with this type of

- the next list item

I found that M-q (fill-paragraph-or-region) sometimes will give me the  
proper indention in lists such as the above, and sometimes there is no  
indention. Things really get weired, if lines in a paragraph (with-  
new lines) have leading blanks - no wrap at all, the same effect if a  
"file:myimage.png" ends a paragraph.

Any advice on a suitable mix of wrap options (or other workarounds) is  

Warm regards,
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