[OS X Emacs] supercite divergence?

skip at pobox.com skip at pobox.com
Sun Mar 8 22:28:04 EDT 2009

After a long time using XEmacs, I decided to give Aquamacs Emacs a try a
couple months ago hoping for better integration with the Mac user interface.
It's been rough on occasion.

Right now I'm trying to understand how supercite is different between the
two versions of Emacs.  It's not clear if anyone supports it anymore or if
any attempts have been made to keep the GNU Emacs and XEmacs versions in
sync.  Given what I've seen since switching, I suspect not.  On both
versions of Emacs sc-version reports that it is version 3.1, but the GNU
Emacs and XEmacs versions have different APIs (The Aquamacs/GNU Emacs
version, though it uses (interactive) fails when used that way).  Also, the
version in Aquamacs Emacs (I assume in GNU Emacs 22.x as well) seems to
never be able to determine a reasonable attribution and always prompts with
"Anon".  It doesn't display its attribution prompt in the minibuffer without
refreshing the screen.  (I suspect this might be an Aquamacs Emacs problem,
but I can't tell since I don't run GNU Emacs proper.)  I never had this sort
of problem with the XEmacs version of supercite.

Is there someone in either Emacs camp tasked with supercite maintenance?
Which version changed but failed to modify its version number?  Comparing
the two versions of supercite.el it appears there are some functional
differences between the two versions, but I'm in no way capable of deciding
which differences are significant.  Is there anyone independently
maintaining supercite or do I just have to give up on it with versions of
GNU Emacs?

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