[OS X Emacs] Re: Abbrevs with '' character don't work in Aquamacs 1.5

Mike mikehall1000 at gmail.com
Mon Oct 12 01:12:07 EDT 2009

Ian Eure <ian <at> digg.com> writes:
> Abbrevs depend on the syntax of the character inserted. They only work  
> on a sequence of word-syntax characters. Since a backslash is  
> punctuation, it's not considered part of the abbreviation, and your  
> abbrev isn't expanded.
> E.g. If I type:
> \c [SPC]
> Abbrev will try to expand `c', not `\c'. This is not an Aquamacs bug,  
> it's how Abbrev is implemented in GNU Emacs.
> ...
>   - Ian

I'm glad I found this thread! I've been pulling my hair out trying to figure out
what I was doing wrong with my abbreviations set-up on Aquamacs, but basically
all of my abbreviations start with a '\'. =) 

Xemacs on Ubuntu lets me use abbreviations that start with a '\' just fine, so
I'm sad that it doesn't work on Aquamacs. If I'm hearing correctly, this must be
some difference between Emacs and Xemacs? 

Most appreciative if anyone figures out a fix. For me, the best part about
abbreviations is that you can make "\a" map to "\alpha" and "\e" map to
"\epsilon", etc. If they have to be four characters, or I have to hit '`' like
AucTeX wants me to, it doesn't give the same kind of efficiency boost.

Oh well, I guess I can deal, or try yasnippet. =)

  - Mike

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